“Continuing to challenge and develop yourself is an indispensable ingredient for innovation”

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“I am extremely proud of Fancom, the team in Panningen and Vitré in France and how we work on developing new, innovative products and maintaining the current portfolio every day: all with a no-nonsense, hard-working attitude and spirit."

"Although huge challenges are facing the agricultural market in certain regions of the world, there is still massive potential in that sector. Fancom’s intelligent solutions offer a way to meet those challenges. That means immense potential and opportunities we must seize with both hands. 
I really enjoy coming here to work every day!"

Erik Centen is Managing Director at Fancom, he highly values the personal leadership of the employees. “The people here take their own responsibility and accept ownership of their actions. We promote that attitude and give our team a lot of freedom. But we don’t lose sight of reality, the bottom line is that results have to be delivered." 

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How did you find your way to Fancom?

“I started working at Fancom about four years ago, as Director Finance. I accepted the position of Managing Director last April, and I am very happy in this role. My career has always been in the agricultural world and I have built up a close affinity with the sector." 

“Not that I have a farming background, but I did grow up in an agricultural region. Part of my financial studies was completed at the University of Wageningen. I also have a passion for technology. When I was younger I loved messing around with machines and equipment, and tinkering with anything that was motor-driven. Fancom is the perfect place to continue those interests." 

“I love to work, time really flies. I like to spend a lot of time actually at the office. Personal, direct contact is very important to me, and our open door policy means it’s easy to talk to the right person. Sport is an important aspect in my life. I train one of my children and like to get out and about on my mountain bike.” 

What is the story behind the new Fancom logo?

“When I became Managing Director, I looked at the direction our strategy should take in the future. I didn't make a radical switch, but tried to introduce more focus and action. Good words are worth much, but deeds are worth more. 
The world around us is changing rapidly and we are changing too: not just new products, but new ways of working and new ways of interacting with end customers, for example. We are clearly ‘in motion’ and that is the image represented by the new logo.
You can see the logo as an expression of all the gradual changes in the company and its employees."

“We also expect our employees to advance and expand their skill sets. Without continuous development and learning, it’s impossible to keep up with market developments. And development is an indispensable ingredient for innovation. Training and education, combined with a passion for the markets we operate in and the technology we apply all help contribute to that goal."

What is the benefit of CTB as a parent company?

“CTB forms a solid foundation for all its daughter companies. Not only in a financial sense, but also in the form of a cultural signature: CTB and its owner Berkshire Hathaway devote high priority to standards and values. We uphold the same values, so suppliers and customers know that we do honest and fair business. Being part of a large ‘family’ enables us to offer our customers a wide diversity of products, there is always a sister company that can help them. It also offers more potential for suppliers."

“The core of our business is the product, and that encompasses the associated technology, knowledge, quality and service. The agricultural and technical focus is the ideal basis, complemented by intelligent systems. That sums up what Fancom stands for, and it also describes my personal profile."

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