Automation solutions for the production of pigs

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Fancom's total automation systems for pig houses give you complete control of all the processes in your houses. Realise an automatic pig farm with our complete, customised system for trouble-free operation. We put your animals at the centre of the equation and create the optimal environment for growth.

Is the mortality rate in your farm too high?

View our climate solutions

Create a good climate in your farm and reduce mortality.

Are the CO2 emissions of your farm too high?

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Automation systems contribute to energy savings and the reduction of ammonia, dust and noise emissions.

Do you have insufficient insight into the growth of your animals?

View our monitoring solutions

By weighing your animals automatically, you have continuous insight into the growth of your animals.

Do you lack insight into the performance of your farms?

Take a look at our data management solutions

Integrate the processes in your houses into one closed system and gain insight into all your houses' performance.

Optimal for every farm

Everything organized with the smart argiculture system. Your immediate benefits are:

  • better performances and higher returns
  • the best conditions for your animals
  • a reduced burden on the environment

Fancom developed an eYegrow weighing system for pigs. It's a 3D camera system that automatically weighs with more than 97% accuracy.

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Find the solution that fits your farm

We also have a suitable automation solution for your pig house.

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Our complete solutions

With a Fancom total automation system for pig farms, you get complete control over all processes in your houses. One integrated tailor-made system takes care of a carefree operation. We put your animals first and ensure the best possible growing and living conditions.

Get your business off to a flying start:

  • a higher turnover and more profit
  • the best for your animals
  • for a better environment
Climate systems

Our complete solutions Climate systems

Climate solutions for a constant optimal climate for pig farmers and poultry during the entire growth period.

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Automatic feeding

Our complete solutions Automatic feeding

Systems like the automatic pig feeder and poultry feeder system will lower your overall feed costs.

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Our complete solutions Monitoring

Fancom has developed a series of accurate and reliable monitoring systems that observe and inspect animal behaviour and the production process.

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Insight into animal health and behaviour, insight into feed and consumption, insight into growth and development and therefore insight into the efficiency of the total production process. Discover our total solutions for your pig farm.

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