Control, analyse and manage your climate, automatic feeding, the health and behaviour of your finishers with a single, complete system. All the components are designed to integrate and create valuable synergy. Using iFarming puts you in control – not the conditions! 

Fancom’s complete control of your finishers consists of:

  • An ideal climate for growth that creates a healthy and comfortable environment for your finishers
  • Accurate control of feed rations for effective feed cost management
  • Automatic cough monitor for early detection of respiratory problems
  • Permanent, no-stress weighing of finishers without growth loss
  • Continuous insight into water consumption
  • Management software for daily process management

Our systems for finishers:

Fancom's systems are meant for climate control, automatic feeding and biometrics. 

Climate control for finishers

Automatic feeding for finishers

Biometrics for finishers

Data management for finishers

Read more about the smart argiculture systems developed by Fancom!  The solution keeps your farm in the best condition.