iFarming gives you control of all your processes in the house. Climate control, automatic feeding and animal behaviour are integrated into a single system so that your farm - and your piglets - can benefit from optimal conditions for growth. 

Fancom’s integral system for control of your piglets:

  • An ideal climate for growth that creates a healthy and comfortable environment for your piglets
  • Accurate control of feed rations for effective feed cost management
  • Sensor controlled piglet feeder for quick and healthy piglet growth
  • Continuous water monitoring as an indicator of animal health
  • Management software for daily process management

Our systems for piglets:

Fancom's systems give you control of your piglets houses, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no matter where you are. 

Climate control for piglets

Automatic feeding for piglets

Biometrics for piglets

Data management