A complete iFarming system that gives you complete control of your climate, automatic feeding, health and behaviour of your sows. An integral production process whereby animal welfare is the crucial, and quality enhancing, factor. Because a healthy herd means better performances and increased profitability. 

Fancom’s complete control of your sows consists of:

  • A balanced climate that creates a healthy and comfortable environment for your sows
  • Accurate control of feed rations for effective feed cost management
  • ESF sow feeding station for efficient management of your pregnant sows in group housing systems
  • Individual feeding in the farrowing houses to keep your sows in top condition
  • Continuous water monitoring as an indicator of animal health
  • Automatic cough monitor for early detection of respiratory problems
  • Management software for daily process management

Our systems for sows:

Fancom's control systems for the best climate, automatic feeding and biometrics.

The best climate control for sows

Total automatic feeding for sows

Biometrics for sows

Data management for sows houses