iFarming is a single, integral total solution in which all the individual components are 100% compatible, climate control, automatic feeding and insight into the behaviour and health of your birds. Giving you complete control with the smart farming systems of all the processes in your house for optimal results! 

Fancom’s integral total solution of your breeders consists of:

  • A perfectly balanced climate that benefits the growth and health of your birds
  • Energy efficient light control for enhanced animal welfare
  • Accurate control of feed rations to keep feed costs under control
  • Continuous water monitoring as an indicator of animal health
  • Automatic animal weighing for an up-to-date overview of the growth processes in your house
  • Management software for daily process management

Our integral systems for breeders:

Fancoms total solution systems gives you 24/7 control of all your breeder

Climate control for breeders

  • MTT - Fancom’s most advanced climate system for every house
  • Combi-ventilation - the perfect solution for moderate climate zones
  • Tunnel ventilation - for optimal growth, even under extreme outside conditions

Automatic feeding for breeders

Biometrics breeders

Data management for the houses of your breeders