A single system that allows you to control, analyse and manage your climate control, automatic feeding, health and behaviour of your layers.  All the components designed to integrate and create valuable synergy. iFarming puts you in control – not the conditions!  

Fancom’s complete control of your layers consists of:

  • A uniform climate for all the birds to maximise egg production 
  • Smart light control for premium egg production with minimum energy use
  • Accurate control of feed rations for effective feed cost management
  • Continuous insight into water consumption 
  • Automatic animal weighing for an up-to-date overview of the condition of your hens
  • Egg counting for reliable egg production figures and handy egg belt speed control 
  • Management software for daily process management

Our systems for layers:

Climate control

  • MTT - Fancom’s most advanced climate system for every house
  • Combi-ventilation - the perfect solution for moderate climate zones
  • Tunnel ventilation - for optimal growth, even under extreme outside conditions

Automatic feeding


Data management