The iFarming total concept perfectly harmonises climate, feed, water and light to promote healthy growth of your turkeys - because a healthy flock means better performances and increased profitability.  

Fancom’s complete control of your turkeys consists of:

  • A perfectly balanced climate that benefits the growth and health of your birds
  • Energy efficient light control for enhanced animal welfare
  • Accurate control of feed rations for effective feed cost management
  • Continuous water monitoring as an indicator of animal health 
  • Automatic animal weighing for an up-to-date overview of the growth processes in your house
  • Management software for daily process management

Our systems for turkeys:

Climate control

  • MTT - Fancom’s most advanced climate system for every house
  • Combi-ventilation - the perfect solution for moderate climate zones
  • Tunnel ventilation - for optimal growth, even under extreme outside conditions

Automatic feeding


Data management