Accurate minimum ventilation in new broiler house in Belgium

Westerlo - Belgium

In Westerlo, Belgium, our partner VSI has built a new broiler house for their customer Mattheussen-Boulliard. The house is equipped with the MTT ventilation system which ensures a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation for undisturbed growth of the chicks.

Tunnel inlets
At minimum ventilation, air enters the house via air inlets in the side gable. As the ventilation demand increases, the inlets close and the tunnel inlets installed at the front of the house open to create a cooling, tunnel ventilation effect.
Fantura air inlet system
The Fantura air inlet system has been chosen for the inlets. The distinctive feature of Fantura inlets is the special shape of the inlet. The inlet bundles the incoming air to create a better throw, and ensures a constant, uniform supply of fresh air in the house under all conditions. Cold air drop onto the birds is eliminated: they stay healthy and grow better.
ATM Minimum ventilation
The controlled gable fans for minimum ventilation feature ATM measuring and control units. An airflow transmitter continuously measures the fresh air in the house. A control valve is situated between the fan and air flow transmitter which regulates the air flow to the correct level. Thanks to the way in which measurement and control take place, the most accurate ventilation is guaranteed providing optimal living conditions for the animals.
The feeding system
The feed system uses a batch weigher positioned between the silo and the hoppers in the house to accurately distribute small amounts of feed. The batch weigher is protected and situated next to the silos. The Lumina 42 control computer accurately controls the entire process, from preparing the feed in the batch weigher and filling the hoppers in the house right up to supplying the feeding lines in the house.
Complete control switch box
All the processes in the house are controlled by a Lumina control system, neatly built into a switch box. The Lumina 38 controls the climate, the feed system is controlled by the Lumina 42, while the Lumina 47 regulates animal weighing. Lumina control computers are characterised by extremely simple operation. The main screen displays a clear dashboard that uses colours: green means the situation is fine, orange means that attention is required.


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