Brand new mushroom production facility in Israel

Marina - Israel

One of the largest growers in Israel decided in 2015 to build a new facility. Our distributor GTL Europe was given the order to build 6 growing rooms with a total growing surface of 8100 m².

In 2017 and 2018 the facility was expanded with a total of 30 rooms, adding 20.250 m² of growing surface. The farm is equipped with our 765.e climate computers and 767 watering computers which control the FTNON watering system.

GTL Europe - Overview
A top view of the production facility.
GTL Europe - MUX
All CO2 values insightful with our MUX multiplex units.
GTL Europe - main corridor
One of the corridors of this huge facility.
GTL Europe - 767 watering computer
The 767 watering computer takes care of an accurate watering process.
GTL Europe - 765.e climate control
The 765.e climate control creates a stable climate in the rooms.
GTL Europe - 765.e and 767 controls
765.e en 767 controls which control the climate and the watering process in the rooms.
GTL Europe - The facility
An overview from the side of the facility


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