Exceptional broiler breeder house with MTT Stairstep

Highveld Gauteng - South Africa

At the Highveld Gauteng site in South Africa, our partner Dorna Distributors realized a completely new project using the Fancom MTT Stairstep ventilation system in four broiler breeder houses.

Four breeder broiler houses
The new project consists of four houses for breeder broilers, each for 10,900 animals. All the houses are equipped with a Fancom MTT stairstep ventilation system. The MTT principle is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation in three phases. The result is manageable production with identical growth conditions for all the animals in the house.
MTT Stairstep
With the MTT Stairstep ventilation system, the air inlet and the controllable fans for minimum ventilation are mounted in the side wall. The airflow can be controlled well and is spread evenly throughout the house even at low air speeds. If the ventilation demands rises, MTT automatically switches to the transitional phase, the gradual transition to tunnel ventilation whereby the birds can slowly get accustomed to a changing airflow pattern. The final phase of the MTT ventilation system is tunnel ventilation. The air inlets are fully closed and the tunnel inlets are opened as required. The fans in the rear gable are also activated. This causes the so-called tunnel called effect where air flows over the animals at great speed and creates a cooling effect.
Fantura air inlet
The air inlet system is a Fantura system. The special jet stream bundles the incoming air, creating a better throw. The result is sufficient fresh air for all the animals, without causing a cold air drop. The air enters the house properly distributed and the litter remains dry.
Light filters
Lighting plans, and the intensity and distribution of light have an influence on feed intake, animal welfare and productivity. Light filters have therefore been installed in the entire house to block outside influences so that a specific lighting plan can be used. These filters have been fitted to the air inlet valves and the fans. The filters are very easy to install and maintain.
Light filter tunnel inlet
The tunnel inlet is also fully equipped with light filters.
Tunnel inlet
The filters have been installed separately to the tunnel inlet over the entire width of the inlet to minimise any loss of capacity.
Lumina 37 switch box
The specially developed Lumina 37 climate computer automatically regulates the correct process with gradual transitions from minimum ventilation, via transitional ventilation to tunnel ventilation. A striking feature of these climate computers is the simple operation. For this project, the Lumina 37 was integrated into a switch cabinet with the alarm unit for easy installation.


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