Fantura air inlet system highly valued in practice

Hijken - Netherlands

In Hijken, in the province of Drenthe , our partner Geissler Installatietechniek realised the complete installation with Fancom automated systems in four new broiler houses. The new build extends the existing broiler farm with a further six houses, which now accommodate over 400,000 broilers.

Four new broiler houses
The four new houses measuring 115 x 22 metres are linked in pairs, and can house a total of 186,000 chicks.
Fantura air inlet system
The houses are equipped with the Fantura air inlet system. The special jet stream at the air inlet valve bundles the incoming air, creating a better throw. The poultry farmer about Fantura: “The incoming air always maintains the air speed, even at minimum ventilation positions. The inlets work extremely well to provide ventilation, especially for the young chicks."
Automatic feeding
Four silos are situated between each pair of houses. A batch weighing system has been installed for automatic feeding with a batch weigher placed between the silo and the hoppers in the house. The system can mix two types of feed or add cereal products.
Lumina control computers
The Lumina control computers that regulate the climate system and feed system are conveniently integrated into a switch box.
Operational since March
The first chicks were set up in the new houses at the end of March.


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