Fantura ceiling inlet system for Cecelski poultry house

Zawidz Kościelny - Poland

In September 2018 the Cecelski poultry farm started operating. This house measures 114 m long and is 20 m wide. The project was realised by our new Polish dealer Rol-Tech-Mar. The use of ceiling ventilation is the immediately striking feature of this poultry house. An ideal project to apply our new Fantura ceiling inlet system.

Cecelski Poland - Overview
The house is equipped with a combi-ventilation system with ceiling inlets. A special jet stream in the Fantura ceiling inlet bundles the incoming air to create a better throw and expels the fresh air so powerfully that a capacity of up to 80% flows horizontally along the ceiling. This preconditions the incoming air for energy efficient ventilation. Sensors that monitor the temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 create a stable climate. The house also features an animal weighing system to gain continuous insight into animal growth automatically. The system comprises a Lumina 47 weighing computer and a stainless steel weighing platform.
Cecelski Poland - Greenline pad cooling
For efficient cooling, the poultry house is equipped with controllable Greenline Pad Cooling. This system uses cooling units that cool the incoming air using water that flows through a synthetic pad installed in front of the air inlet. A major benefit of this cooling method is its extremely low energy consumption.
Cecelski Poland - End gable with exhaust
Fancom chimneys containing Fancom fans ensure good air exhaust and a constant flow of air. To create tunnel ventilation, eight belt-driven fans were built into the end gable of the house.
Cecelski Poland - Exhaust
The chimneys are clearly visible on the exterior of the house and recognisable as Fancom chimneys.
Cecelski Poland - Automation in the house
The house is controlled by an F38 climate controller and the Lumina 47 registers the weight of the birds.


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