Fantura reaches Western Australia

Gingin, West-Australië - Australia

Our distributor Metrowest recently installed a new project for Chandala Poultry. This farm is the first farm in Western Australia using the Fantura air inlet system. Chandala Poultry is contract grower for Ingham. Metrowest is a turnkey provider for the poultry market who uses Fancom equipment in combination with their own services. They recently expanded their activities to the pig industry as well.

Chandala Poultry - Fantura
De klimaatomstandigheden in West Australië maken het mogelijk om de Fantura >-5 versie toe te passen. De Lumina 38 kan de ventilatie in verschillende zones aansturen. Dat is een perfecte oplossing voor dit soort lange stallen. In elke zone worden de Fantura luchtinlaatventielen aangestuurd door een eigen iM.60 aandrijfmotor voor uniforme klimaatcondities in de hele stal.
Chandala Poultry - Building
The building is 160m x 17.4m running at 19.2 birds/m2. The climate is managed according to the MTT climate system with a Lumina 38 Controller. Other Fancom equipment used are iFans in chimneys and end walls as well as the Fantura air inlet system with iM.60 actuators. In addition Farm Manager and FarmManager for Broilers are used for complete farm control.


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