First i-fan broiler house in Italy

AIA/Veronesi Groep Verona - Italy

Marco Lavarini is de eerste vleeskuikenhouder in Italië die i-fans toepast in het beproefde MTT ventilatiesysteem.

Handing over an iPad to Marco Lavarini
Part of the agreement made with Marco Lavarini was the delivery of a remote control system using Web Link Box and iPad. Marco Lavarini has a very busy daily schedule running not only the 3 house broiler farm, but also runs a fresh fruit processing factory selling to supermarkets and catering. Access from iPad/iPphone through the WLB will help Lavarini to get most out of the new ventilation control system. Lavarini is growing the broilers for the AIA integration, part of the Veronesi Group.
Renovated house with the MTT ventilation system
Together with Alberto Salvi of our distributor Evoteck two existing houses of Marco Lavarini have been modified to work with the MTT ventilation concept. The dimensions of both houses are 127x12 meter. The house in the picture is the eldest of the two and was a natural ventilation house up to now. 80% of the big window on the sides will be kept closed and will only be opened in case of emergency. 20% of the big window will be used as tunnel inlet. On both sides minimum ventilation inlets are placed to guarantee a good distribution of the minimum ventilation.
I-fans to deliver minimum ventilation against minimum cost
Two 80 cm i-fans are being used to deliver the linear ventilation which is required to create a constant and stable climate, particularly for the day old chick once they come into the houses. Lavarini has chosen these fans as energy cost in Italy are one of the highest in Europe.
Outside temperature sensor with air inlet valves
In order to get the most out of the F38 climate controller the outside temperature sensor is of utmost importance for Lavarini. Verona, being located at the foot of the Alps, is exposed to big temperature changes. In summer time the temperature can drop rapidly after a hot day as the mountain winds start to blow. For the same reason, the air inlets are being controlled in four zones in order to create a continuous uniform temperature in the house.
Inlets with tunnel inlet in open position
Thanks to the fact that these houses are only 12 meter wide and the ceiling is smooth, the air travels easily to the centre of the house and returns to the wall at bird level. Normally, the inlet valves would have been placed a bit lower, but as this was a renovation project this was not possible. Lavarini is planning a fourth house which will be build according to Fancom‘s optimum indications.


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