Free range poultry house full of innovations with Lumina 38 climate controller

Den Bommel - Netherlands

Since 2011 Hanneke and Sjef de Baar have been working on building a new poultry house in Den Bommel. This[SC1] poultry house for free range hens is full of innovations such as the Lumina 38. The daily operation of the equipment in the poultry house is done automatically by the Lumina 38, leaving the de Baar family to concentrate on their hens instead of the technology.

Better results with the Lumina 38 climate controller

The climate on this farm is regulated by Fancom equipment. The film includes some greats shots of some of our products applied in this project. You can catch a glimpse of the Lumina 38. This is our top-of-the-range climate controller that regulates all the ventilation equipment to create a healthy and productive climate.  Hanneke and Sjef de Baar explain why they opted for this solution:

“We chose length ventilation because we had already gained a great deal of positive experience with the system in our other poultry houses. We have the fullest confidence in the system. Certainly in combination with the heat exchanger. In summer when the temperature is quite high, there's a good airflow through the house. With enough fresh air. In winter, however, ventilation in the house is mainly provided by the heat exchanger. This avoids any draughts for the birds and all the problems that can cause. Instead you have heated, fresh air available for all the birds throughout the house. That really benefits the indoor climate in the house, so the birds feel comfortable and at ease. And, of course, that's good for the technical performance in the house."

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Reducing emissions

Reducing emissions is extremely important. This aspect was carefully considered in the new poultry house in Den Dommel. Thanks to various solutions, Hanneke and Sjef de Baar were able to significantly reduce emissions. Two key solutions are:

  • Fewer animals per m2 in the house;
  • The heat exchanger they use converts energy from the cleaning water (check) into useful heat in clean water. This is transported to the air inlets to treat incoming air.
Eibaar Den Bommel - 02
Eibaar De Bommel - 01

Improved climate control and Fantura sliding inlet

Thanks to the positive experiences they already had with Fancom's climate systems, they are not worried about draughts affecting the birds. Certainly not now they have installed Fancom's new Fantura sliding inlets in the house. The innovative design of these inlets helps to guarantee an optimal airflow, without the risk of a harmful cold air drop or cold air flow directly onto the animals. Fancom fans ensure an accurate airflow and save energy! “The art is setting your ventilation system properly. This prevent draughts on the inlet shutters. As soon as the doors that give outdoor access open, under pressure is created and the air inlet opens a little wider to reduce the chimney effect and draughts. The system works extremely well in our houses. It has enhanced the living environment of the layers and boosted their performance," says Sjef de Baar.

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We would like to wish Hanneke and Sjef de Baar lots of luck with their new house and their delicious EiBaar eggs! Would you like more information about our updated Lumina 38 climate controller? Please contact one of our advisers. We are happy to help you improve the results in your poultry houses.