Intellitek for new sow house for gestating sows

Agelo - Netherlands

In Agelo, in the province of Overijssel (NL) our partner Installatiebedrijf FH Loohuis BV Saasveld installed the new sow house for gestating sows at the farm owned by the Lansink family. In the new house, the pregnant sows are housed in groups. The sows are fed automatically using 16 Fancom Intellitek feeding stations with individual animal recognition.

Group housing
Group housing offers the sows as safe and comfortable environment and flexibility in configuring the layout.
Individual feeding
Using feeding stations creates a separated area for eating and each sow is automatically given the right feed ration, adjusted to suit her body condition.
Sow recognition
Each feeding station recognises the sow by reading the transponder in the sow's ear and only grants access to the station to animals that are entitled to receive feed. Individual sow recognition also offers excellent opportunities for practical sow management.
Flexible feeding
Fancom’s Intellitek sow feeding station can dispense up to three types of feed using a maximum of 12 different feed curves. Each feeding station is suitable for 60- 70 sows.


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