Lumina 765 and 767 for Mushroom grower Van den Boomen

Gemert - Netherlands

Process controls are an essential part at the growing farm of Pieter van den Boomen, owner of Champignonkwekerij Gemert BV. The farm has a growing surface area of 15,000 square metres and produces 5 million kilos of mushrooms annually.

For each room the company uses the Lumina 765 climate control and the Lumina 767 watering control. Using these controls saves a lot of time and the growing process is very smooth.

Pieter is very satisfied about the use of the Fancom controls on his farm. "The system gives a good overview, is user friendly, reliable and improves the quality of the mushrooms. I can see at a glance if the status is good or not. It makes my job a lot easier."