Lumina total automation in the new houses at Brookwood Farm

Matamata - New Zealand

Brookwood Farm in Matamata has expanded by constructing two new broiler houses with outdoor access. This expansion was realised by our distributor in New Zealand Sonoma Enterprises. Both gigantic houses measuring 168 x 16 meters are fully automated using our Lumina control computers for climate control, automatic feeding and animal weighing. This total automation concept has been successfully applied by Sonoma Enterprises in its home market for many years. The concept partners quality and efficiency with high attention to animal welfare.

The necessary ventilation capacity is provided by a combination of controllable, 80 cm diameter fans installed in the side wall with on/off box fans in the end gable that can be activated if there is a higher ventilation demand.
Additional circulation fans are also used to distribute the air correctly in these long buildings.
Fantura air inlet system
The house is equipped with Fantura air inlets for minimum ventilation, driven by the smart actuator. The special shape of the Fantura inlet directs the incoming air to the ridge of the house where it can mix well with the house air to prevent a cold air drop onto the animals.
Accurate temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and pressure sensors continuously monitor the microclimate in the house, creating a climate for healthy growth under all conditions.
Outdoor access
The control computer also automatically opens and closes the shutters that allow the birds outside.
Animal weighing
The houses are equipped with a fully automatic animal weighing system to closely monitor the growth of the broilers. Two scales, at different parts of the house, are linked to the Lumina 47 animal weighing computer which presents the weighing results in clear overviews.
Switch box
The Lumina 38 climate computer and the Lumina 47 animal weighing computer are built into a switch box for easy installation and clear operation. The Lumina 38 controls the ventilation and also controls the high pressure mist cooling in the house and the heating system. It also has an extensive light control for the special LED lighting in the house and registers water consumption.
The switch box has been placed in a dedicated computer room with a convenient window that gives a view of the house.
Automatic feeding
A batch weigher has been placed between the silos and the house for automatic feeding. The Lumina 41 feed computer accurately controls the entire process from preparing the feed in the batch weigher and filling the hoppers in the house right up to supplying the feeding lines.
Remote control
All control computers are linked to the FarmManager management program via a network on the central PC. The convenient Infinia Remote App keeps the user in touch with their houses 24 hours a day, no matter where they are and provides an overview of the current situation. If necessary, any adjustments can be made remotely. In the six existing houses, the old FCJA controllers have been replaced by the latest Lumina control computers. The Remote App also provides an overview of the entire farm.


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