Metrowest expands activities in Australian pig industry

Metrowest - Australia

Our Australian distributor Metrowest has recently expanded its scope to include pig farming and fully designed and constructed the new boar house for Australia's premier AI facility. When SABOR needed a new house to accommodate the growing group of more than 200 boars they came into contact with Metrowest.

Metrowest designed the boar house with the aim of ensuring optimal comfort for the animals. This is achieved by continuously monitoring the house climate and efficient feed and water dispensing to keep the boars in top condition.

The building itself is a standard Metrowest house with a Colorbond roof and ceiling, fully insulated and finished to the highest standard. The house creates a bright and pleasant environment for the animals and the people who care for them.

Energy efficient fans

The project features a perfectly controlled environment via a combi/natural tunnel system. The ideal combination of Fancom equipment and Lumina 21 controllers ensures optimum climate conditions for the boars all year round. The large 52" I-fan Xtra tunnel fans combine a high air output with exceptionally low energy consumption and excellent controllability.

Sabor House - Energy efficient fans
Sabor House - Pad Cooling

Pad cooling

Greenline pad cooling is used to efficiently cool the house. This system uses cooling units to cool the incoming air. This air is drawn through a plastic pad, which is kept wet, installed in front of the air inlet. The big advantage of this cooling method is that air is cooled efficiently with a minimum of energy consumption.