New broiler farm in Poland

Płock - Poland

Near Płock, west of Warsaw in Poland, our Polish partner Rol-Tech-Mar has realized a completely new broiler farm for one of its customers. In the broiler farm, much attention has been paid to a healthy climate for the animals. There is good air distribution with sufficient fresh air for all animals and climate sensors continuously monitor the inside conditions.

42.000 broilers
The new barn is 117 meters long and 17 meters wide and houses 42,000 broilers. The farm is equipped with the MTT ventilation system from Fancom for uniform growing conditions for all animals in the entire house.
Ridge ventilation
With minimum ventilation, the air enters through the Fantura air inlet valves in the side wall of the house. The air is extracted by controllable fans with a diameter of 63 cm in the ridge of the house. The fans are built into dimensionally stable and durable sleeve modules. A special backdraught shutter increases the airtightness of the house and contributes to a stable under pressure. Wind influences will be reduced, the animals will experience less stress and they will benefit from a uniform house climate in all conditions.
Tunnel ventilation
With increasing ventilation needs, MTT automatically switches to the transitional phase, the gradual transition phase to tunnel ventilation, in which the animals slowly get used to a changing air flow. The final phase of the MTT ventilation system is the tunnel ventilation. The air inlet valves are completely open and the box fans in the end wall are started. This creates the tunnel effect where the air flows over the animals providing a cooling effect.
Fanture air inlet system
The air inlet system is a Fantura system. The special jet stream of the inlets bundles the incoming air for a better throw that sends the incoming air to the ridge of the house where the air can mix with the air in the house. Fantura also ensures good air distribution in the winter period with sufficient fresh air for all animals, without cold air drop onto the animals.
Climate sensors
Climate sensors in the house continuously monitor the indoor climate. In addition to two temperature sensors, this house also uses a CO2 sensor. CO2 values that are too high, especially at the beginning of the round, cause problems with oxygen absorption in the blood and organs. The result is that animals perform less, the chance of illness is greater and extra mortality can occur at a later age. Also a RH sensor is installed, that monitors the relative humidity in the house so that the computer automatically ensures the correct air quality with the lowest possible heating costs.
Bird weighing
An automatic bird weighing system continuously gives a good picture of the growth of the animals. Deviations in growth are visible immediately so that the user can intervene in time if necessary. The number of weighings per day also provides insight into the activity of the birds.
Lumina control computers
The Lumina 38 poultry computer and the Lumina 47 weighing computer ensure automatic control of the processes in the house. The computers have extensive control options, but thanks to the clear operating screens, they are very easy to use.


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