New energy efficient poultry farm UK first for our distributor JF McKenna Ltd.

Gary Mountford, Wales - United Kingdom

The two houses are located in Powys, North Wales and are owned by the Mountford family. They house more than 100,000 broilers produced for Maeler Foods. Gary Mountford choose JF McKenna Ltd. to realise this project based on recommendations, the quality of the equipment and excellent service levels. The flocks were set up in the sheds at the beginning of February and the first results are very good.

Simple operation
The climate in the houses is accurately controlled by the Lumina 38 Touch+ version. The Lumina Touch+ features an extra large, 12 inch operating screen. This makes it easier to read out the information on the display. The settings can also be adjusted more easily, and the risk of errors is greatly reduced. The climate computer, animal weighing computer and alarm system have been integrated into one switch box.
Fancom ventilation system
The houses have been equipped in line with the successful JF McKenna ventilation system with Fantura air inlets and the accompanying winch motors in the side wall, three exhaust fans in the ridge for accurate minimum ventilation for the first 10 days and adjustable fans in the end gables for ventilation after the first 10 days. Additional box fans have been installed in the rear gable for extreme temperatures. All ventilation in line with the DLG certification. Fancom sensors such as the temperature sensors, pressure sensors, RH sensor and CO2 sensors have also been installed in the house so the user has direct access to data to regulate the climate.
Fantura air inlet system
The special jet stream of the Fantura air intake system bundles the incoming air for a better throw to direct fresh air to the ridge of the house. This ensures there is sufficient fresh air throughout the house and prevents a cold air drop onto the animals.
I-fan energy efficient fans
The fans used in this project are Fancom's extra energy efficient I-fans Xtra. In the end gable, 13 80P units have been placed. The fans are perfectly controllable and combine high capacity with exceptionally low power consumption so that they yield considerable energy savings.
Poultry weighing system
Gary Mountford has opted for a Lumina 47 poultry weighing system to monitor the growth of his flock from day to day. This gives him insight into the performance of his animals and he can intervene quickly if necessary.
First for the UK
Both broiler houses are the first in the UK to be equipped with a DLG certified air scrubber. This means they satisfy the DLG emission reduction standards for broilers. This certification includes testing to ensure that the technology used reduces ammonia and dust emissions by more than 90% and odour by up to 40%.


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