Fancom thinks ahead.  While you can benefit from the gains offered by today's iFarming and smart farming concept, we are already tackling the challenges of tomorrow. With progress and innovation.

To anticipate stricter legislation and the increasingly critical demands of consumers, Fancom closely monitors the realities of politics and society.

We are in touch with developments

Social interest groups and environmentally conscious consumers are agents of change who exert an ever-greater influence on public opinion. Their package of demands is growing. And justifiably so, in our opinion. Which is why Fancom takes their concerns seriously.

We are in dialogue with the authorities

We also consult with public authorities and policy makers. On one hand to ensure we are informed of future developments regarding legislation and regulations. And on the other to provide policy makers with expertise, options and advice.

We respond adequately to change

All our future technological innovations have been benchmarked against the changing standards. To ensure your investment is responsible and safe. Transparency instead of the unexpected.

We safeguard your investment

A not unimportant argument if your business has to request a capital injection from your bank. After all, loans are granted based on knowledge, facts and trust. So our know-how in this field is also vital for you and your bankers.

We expand our knowledge and scout new talent

Fancom is a close partner of research institutes and universities. For example, to take our knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, or genetics, to an even higher level. Where possible, new findings and insights are implemented immediately. Fancom recognises new talent ‘in the field’ and invests in that talent. We register start-ups of young engineers and support them. Or integrate them in our organisation. 

We listen to your practical professional experiences

And we are right there with you in the house. To learn from your experiences to make improvements in daily practice. To make your work easier. And further boost your production. Read about the various projects and testimonials here.
Your questions won't be shelved - they go straight to the drawing board.