Smart Farming - Fancom One for superior farm conditions

Smart Farming Fancom One for superior farm conditions

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Fancom One is the new, smart approach to smart farming for complete farm automation. The principle is all about creating superior conditions for pig and poultry producers. The foundation for creating optimal conditions begins in the house itself, which is why we believe so strongly in this approach to total house automation. By offering smart house technology that monitors and regulates all the integral processes from one central location, we enable our customers to produce more efficiently and profitably in a way that respects animal welfare and the environment. We also supply technology and systems for the mushroom growing industry.

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What is smart farming exactly?

Fancom One smart farming is a comprehensive smart house system. The scale of farms continues to grow, technology is becoming more complex, and customers are placing increasingly higher demands. And we want to offer everyone a suitable solution that aligns and harmonises the controller and the peripheral equipment perfectly and enables smart communication. The various processes such as climate control, feed and water distribution, animal weighing and egg counting must interact and operate seamlessly. And no matter how sophisticated and complex the systems are, user-friendliness is paramount. Everything is scalable so we can deliver a suitable solution for every type of house, anywhere in the world. Never too much and never too little. And always customised to match the needs of that particular farmer. We call this new approach Fancom One; centralised control of the entire house.

Fancom One: Your farm in One touch

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Fancom is the market leader

Fancom is the market leader in creating superior conditions in livestock houses for pig and poultry producers. And for mushroom growers.  Our smart house technology manages and controls all the processes in the house from a central location. As far as we are concerned, there is no limit to the total automation solutions for livestock houses with Fancom One. We have in-depth knowledge of the technology and the processes in the house. Our expertise makes us uniquely positioned to blend these aspects seamlessly. That knowledge is based on almost 45 years of experience and our partnerships with the many reliable and trusted partners we collaborate with to develop our products. We help you improve your operating results.

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The advantages of a smart house system

You are sent a clear, daily overview with easy-to-read data reports. This valuable information helps you:

But smart farming technologies also offer you many other advantages:

How can you use IoT in smart farming?

One of the features of smart farming is the application of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in the form of smart sensors. An IoT solution is a system consisting of smart devices and sensors connected to the internet that collect and communicate data to perform tasks. For example, an IoT solution can consist of a network of sensors that measure temperature, humidity and air quality in a house and send this data via the internet to a central management system. This management system can then analyze this data and take actions to determine the ideal environmental conditions for the animals. This can result in better animal welfare and more efficient energy consumption. By using IoT solutions, the ventilation in the house can be controlled automatically based on the environmental conditions. This can help improve air quality and reduce the risk of illness.

IoT sensor - eYeGrow - automatic pig weighing system

There are more examples of IoT applications in farms:

  • Feeding automation - By using IoT solutions, pigs and chickens can be fed automatically and at set times. This helps to optimize the feeding process and reduce waste.
  • Health and welfare monitoring - Sensors can be used to monitor the health and welfare of animals in the house. This data can be analyzed to detect early signs of illness or stress, allowing veterinarians or farm managers to act more quickly.
  • Data analysis - By using IoT solutions, valuable data can be collected about animal performance, energy consumption and other important factors. This data can be analyzed to make better decisions about farm management and animal health.

All in all, IoT solutions can help improve farm management in pig and chicken houses, increasing animal welfare and efficiency while reducing costs.

What is the importance of data collection in smart farm management?

This brings us to another important feature of smart farming: data collection. Data plays an important role in modern smart farm management as it enables farmers to make better decisions based on facts and trends, rather than assumptions or intuition.

Below are some important reasons why data collection is important in modern data driven smart farm management:

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  • Animal health monitoring: Keeping records of animal health, such as their weight, feed intake and growth rates, can help farmers detect diseases early and take preventive measures to maintain animal health.
  • Feed management: Monitoring the feed and water consumption of the animals can help farmers to better adjust the feed amounts and feed composition to their nutritional needs and to detect and correct any nutritional deficiencies or surpluses.
  • Increase efficiency: Gathering data on animal performance can help farmers increase farm productivity and save costs.
  • Improved decision making: By analyzing data on farm performance and animal health, farmers can make better decisions about, for example, the use of labour, the purchase of feed and the implementation of new production techniques.

In short, the use of data in modern data driven smart farm management can help farmers to better understand the performance of their farm and base their decisions on facts and trends. This can lead to higher farm productivity, better animal health and lower costs.

Who can benefit from the system?

Fancom One is the most advanced house system solution for smart farming available on the market. It has been designed for, and in collaboration with:

If you belong to one these categories, we are happy to explain more about the options we can offer. We have more than 200 distributors, dealers and partners worldwide. So we can help pig producers, layer farmers and broiler producers, and mushroom growers everywhere to boost their performance and profits. Over the years we have completed countless projects to the full satisfaction of users. Discover how we helped Robbie Hemming, a UK poultry farmer, with our systems.


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Solutions for your smart farm

More information about Smart Farming solutions can be easily downloaded from our website.

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Smart Farming: A sound investment 

Smart farming uses advanced technologies to make farm processes more efficient and effective and can be a good investment for several reasons:

  • Efficiency: Smart farming technologies, such as automated feeding systems and sensors for monitoring animal health, can improve the efficiency of livestock farming. This can lead to increased farm productivity and cost savings.
  • Animal welfare: Smart technologies enable livestock farmers to better monitor the health and welfare of their animals. This can result in a higher quality of life for the animals and fewer cases of illness.
  • Environmental awareness: Through the use of sensors and automated systems, farmers can better manage and reduce their resource consumption. This can lead to a reduced ecological footprint of livestock farming.
  • Competitive advantage: By implementing smart technologies, livestock farmers can distinguish themselves from their competitors and become more attractive to customers who value sustainability, animal welfare and efficiency.

In short, smart technologies in livestock farming can improve a company's efficiency, sustainability, animal welfare and profitability, making it a good investment. We are happy to explain more about the options. Fancom is already working on tackling the challenges of tomorrow. So we can anticipate stricter legislation and the demands of ever-more critical consumers. Fancom never loses sight of political and social realities.


Types of smart farm technologies

Our systems for livestock houses include:

Fancom One

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