Fancom’s Intellitek electronic sow feeding system stimulates the sow's natural behaviour and offers outstanding functionality for practical sow management. Feeding your animals individually according to their specific needs keeps feed costs in check and keeps the animals in top condition.

The advantages of an electronic feeder 

Group housing offers your sows a safe and comfortable environment. You can configure the house flexibly, and less space is required. An added benefit is the lower investment costs. Our electronic sow feeder allows you to create a partitioned area for eating and automatically dose the correct ration to each sow. Individual animal recognition offers outstanding functionality for practical sow management. 

Your sows in top condition thanks to our electronic sow feeding system

Once in the station, the sow is fed the right portion of feed, tailored to her body condition. Fancom’s Intellitek sow feeding station can dispense up to three types of feed using a maximum of 12 different feed curves. Each feeding station is suitable for 60-70 sows. The status of your sows is easy to check. The feeding system shows you at a glance how much the sows have eaten and if any feed is left behind. Any necessary adjustments to the feed curve can be made in the section. 

Interested in the possibilities?

We hope we have given you a good idea of how our sow feeder can be of great help in making sure your sows get the right amount of feed to ensure a natural growth.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Stress-free training programme

The feeding system's stress-free training programme teaches gilts how to use the feeding station in a few days.


The Intellitek feeding station is suitable for: