Rondomat is a sensor-controlled automatic feeder for piglets that helps ensure a smooth post-weaning transition to feed. Thanks to Fancom's sensor-controlled feeder, the weaned piglets are given immediate access to clean, fresh feed without having to learn how to operate a feed trough system. The Rondomat piglet feeder prevents the dip often experienced by piglets after weaning. The result is piglets in optimal health with good, fast growth.

Up to 35 grams higher growth thanks to our automatic piglet feeder

A feeding place in the pen that can be easily accessed by all the animals ensures better feed intake by the piglets in the first weeks post-weaning. Up to 20 piglets can eat at the Rondomat feeder at the same time. Seeing someone else eat encourages the appetite – and the same applies to piglets. Smaller piglets in particular benefit from the larger feeding places. Results from practice reveal that piglets can easily achieve up to 35 grams higher growth per day thanks to the Rondomat piglet feeder. With uniform piglet weight at the end of the rearing period.


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Rondomat piglet feeder