Fancom's egg counting system doesn't only give a reliable result of the numbers of egg produced, it also shows how production is progressing at any moment. This is what smart farming is all about! Production differences per row caused by malfunctions or sickness show up immediately. This way, signs of bad egg quality can be discovered at an early stage. An egg counting system can also help you identify at an early stage less than adequate ventilation or poor food and water consumption, which would otherwise have a negative impact on egg production.

We also have several climate solutions for layers and broilers, like the MTT ventilation system

Egg belt flow control

The egg counting system automatically regulates the egg belt speed so the supply on the collection belt is always precisely geared to the packing capacity. An enormous benefit in terms of time saving.

Suitable for every type of housing

The Fancom egg counting system is suitable for all types of housing system - aviary systems, cages or floor housing. With cage housing systems, the 746 ensures that all the houses are emptied simultaneously and takes a pre-set mix of eggs from different houses into account if required. Automatic lift control is also possible.

Insight into egg production

The egg counting computer registers production per day, per group and per counter, in numbers and laying percentages. With the FarmManager program, an example of a poultry management system, we generate a clear presentation of egg production data in graphs and tables. Any differences quickly become visible. Plus, the egg counting computer can be remote operated and controlled.

Electronic egg counters

The counter is completely enclosed and therefore resistant to the aggressive conditions in a layer house, even when the houses are being sprayed clean. The counters use infrared technology to count the eggs without touching them. This prevents damage and soiling. Small counters are available for mounting on the egg belts and larger counters, which can be mounted on the collection belt. Fancom improves it's systems for egg counting from time to time in order to ensure the best results. 

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