Fancom's eYeGrow system is a 3D camera system used to weigh finishers. The eYeGrow weight monitor allows the development of a group of finishers to be followed from day to day. This advanced pig weighing system avoids any unpleasant surprises at the end of the finishing cycle. Use our eYeGrow weighing system and get the best performance from your pigs and maximise the growth potential!

How does the eYeGrow pig weighing system work?

The unique feature of eYeGrow is the 3D camera installed above the section that continually monitors and registers the animals so the computer can accurately calculate their weight. 

eYeGrow operates fully automatically

Our pig weighing system operates continuously and fully automatically. The pigs don't notice a thing resulting in an entirely stress-free process for the animals. 

Improve pig performance with the 3D eYeGrow camera system

The measurement data collected by our 3D eYeGrow is stored in the cloud.  Important pig management information such as average weight, growth per day, number of measurements and uniformity is available 24/7 no matter where you are. The eYeGrow pig weighing system gives you continuous insight into the growth rate and feed intake of your animals. This gives you a more detailed view of your feed strategy and helps improve performance and results.

The eYeGrow pig weighing system is suitable for:

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Product information eYeGrow pig weighing system:

eYeGrow - Weight monitoring for finishers

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