Do you sometimes wonder what the broilers do when you are not in the house? Are the broilers distributed well throughout the house, and do they show healthy activity? Our EyeNamic behaviour monitor uses camera technology in the house to show you. Three cameras mounted in the ridge of the house continuously monitor part of the floor below where the broilers are. The analysis software of the behaviour monitor translates these images into an index for distribution and activity. Providing you with valuable indicators of broiler welfare. 

eYeNamic behaviour monitor: better welfare and better growth of broilers

Good distribution of the flock in the house prevents problems with local piling of birds - resulting in lower mortality rates and more uniform growth. And lively activity prevents leg and foot problems, keeps the feed and water intake at a good level and promotes broiler growth.



Improved welfare for your broilers 

Fancom's eYeNamic enables you to monitor the behaviour of a group of broilers from minute to minute. Any abnormal behaviour is signalled immediately.  You can intervene at an early stage thanks to eYeNamic. Your broilers can benefit from improved welfare and will grow considerably better.

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eYeNamic behaviour monitor