The combi-ventilation system is ideal for moderate climate zones. Air enters the house via the Fantura air inlets at the side of the building, and is extracted by fans in the ridge and the end gables. Perfectly controllable minimum ventilation ensures the air is perfectly distributed throughout the house, even at low air speeds. The air inlet directs the fresh air towards the ridge where the air is warmed so the birds never suffer from a sudden drop of cold air. This is a significant advantage of combi-ventilation.

Continuous, uniform air movement thanks to combi-ventilation

The RPM of the fans placed in the ridge is controlled to create minimum ventilation. The ventilation level is adapted to suit the animals' needs by gradually activating the fans in the gable. You can rely on the system to ensure there is a continuous, uniform movement of air in the house. The operational reliability of this combi-ventilation system is safeguarded by double ventilation control in the ridge and in the gable.

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