The Minimum Transitional Tunnel (MTT) is Fancom’s advanced ventilation system that ensures a uniform climate in every house. The MTT ventilation system principle is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation. These gradual transitions ensure that the air flow and light levels are not disrupted and make no noise. This prevents animal stress and guarantees uninterrupted growth.

Ventilation system, for better poultry houses

The result of using our complete ventilation system is a healthy climate for growth throughout the entire production process in poultry houses, from day-old chicks to mature birds. Cycle after cycle, the technical results demonstrate improved performances in your poultry houses.

  • Up to 10% faster growth thanks to the ventilation system
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Lower mortality
  • Higher uniformity

MTT overview

Higher occupancy with lower mortality in your poultry houses

High occupancy at high temperatures is a challenge for every poultry producer. The MTT ventilation system is an excellent way to increase occupancy. This extensive ventilation system automatically adapts the house climate to suit the changing requirements of the animals. Even with maximum occupancy and extremely high outside temperatures, the animals will continue to grow.

MTT ventilation system is suitable for:

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