Taking the age of the animals into account, the NatuFlow® ventilation system automatically creates accurate ventilation, never too much and never too little. NatuFlow® unites the advantages of natural ventilation, the so-called chimney effect, and mechanical ventilation in a single system.

Natural ventilation per house saves energy

In many situations, natural ventilation is enough to create a good house climate. NatuFlow® only uses additional mechanical ventilation in situations where there are insufficient natural air currents. This enables energy savings of up to 30%, while at the same time you can benefit from an optimal house climate. If the NatuFlow® ventilation system is combined with the energy efficient iFan, the energy savings can quickly add up to 80%. Results that will reflect positively in your profits.

NatuFlow® ventilation is suitable for:

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Besides our NatuFlow Fancom ventilation system we offer other climate livestock farming solutions. Do you want to know more about our climate computer?