The typical feature of a tunnel ventilation system is the fans installed in the rear gable of a house and an air inlet at the front of the house, or vice versa. This configuration causes the so-called tunnel effect where air flows over the animals at great speed. This air flow creates a cooling breeze.

Windchill effect with tunnel ventilation

The high air velocities that occur with tunnel ventilation extract heat from the body surface of the animals. That is the so-called windchill effect. With a wind speed of 1.5 meters per second, like a sea breeze, that windchill effect can ensure that the actual house temperature of 34 degrees Celsius feels like 24 degrees. In this way the cooling effect of a high air velocity can be used to avoid heat stress.

Ideal at high temperatures

This tunnel ventilation system is used in regions with high temperatures. The precision control can adapt the air speed in the house to the temperature in the house and the age of the animals. This ensures the animals stay in their comfort zone and that their feed and water consumption patterns are not affected. Tunnel ventilation safeguards uninterrupted growth of your animals.

Our products for tunnel ventilation


Special Fantura tunnel inlet

Fancom offers a special Fantura tunnel inlet with unique features. Thanks to its patented design, the incoming air does not drop directly onto the animals. The animals can benefit from the cooling effect of the airflow without noticing any disruptive effects 

What makes the Fantura tunnel inlet unique is the special way it opens. The panels slide over each other from top to bottom. This gradually opens the inlet and the air flow in the house slowly increases. The gradual opening action, combined with the inlet's unique shape, also makes the tunnel inlet ideal for minimum ventilation. The robust design and high air capacity ensure years of trouble-free operation. 

The new tunnel inlet is part of the series of Fantura air inlet systems which all feature the special patented inlet design. Fantura eliminates a cold drop on the animals. The manure remains dry and prevents leg problems. Your animals stay healthy and perform better. In addition, the consistent growth conditions promote uniformity.

IF145 in practice

Energy efficient fans

Fancom offers a range of energy efficient fans. Specially for tunnel ventilation is our extra large I-fan 145 Xtra.

The I-fan 145 Xtra is a direct driven fan without a V-belt. The fan combines a high air output with exceptionally low energy consumption. Despite its size, the I-fan 145 Xtra is perfectly controllable by a Fancom control computer. The combination of this large, energy efficient I-fan and smart control is unique. This allows us to offer the most energy efficient tunnel ventilation solution.

Lumina 21 in Korea

Smart climate control

Fancom's Lumina climate controllers feature a number of unique controls that create the optimal climate for all the animals in the house under all conditions. Extreme weather conditions and sharply fluctuating day and night temperatures have no influence on the house climate. The Lumina climate controllers are characterised by the use of clear icons and colours: green means everything is fine, orange means that some aspect needs your attention. Handy navigation buttons on the main screen give users direct access to the most important data from the houses. They gain better insight into the climate processes in their houses and can easily steer towards the optimal climate conditions.

Fancom Greenline pad cooling

Tunnel ventilation system with PAD cooling 

In extremely hot weather conditions, the tunnel ventilation system can be supplemented with Greenline controllable PAD cooling to prevent heat stress. This system uses cooling units that cool the incoming air using water that flows through a synthetic pad installed in front of the air inlet. A major benefit of this cooling method is its capability to cool air to 7 degrees Celsius, coupled with extremely low energy consumption. A unique feature of the Greenline pad cooling is the controllable cooling capacity. This means that conditions in the house will be accurately regulated to suit the needs of the animals and prevents temperature fluctuations.

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We hope we have given you a clear image of the advantages of our tunnel ventilation technology. However, if you have any further questions regarding this system or would you like to have additional information, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you! 

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