Infinia keeps you in touch with your houses 24 hours a day, no matter where you are. The communication process is simple: all the information generated by the smart farming computers and sensors in the house is automatically sent to a central server from where it is clearly presented on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Better management decisions

The system provides you with the data you need to make better management decisions. Well-arranged and displayed to suit your way of working; per section, per house or per farm. This represents an immense advance compared with other systems where you have to enter data manually and combine information generated by the various processes yourself.

Compare and analyse to improve the process

You can compare the latest information from your houses with the
standard index figures, with the farm average, the group average or with data from previous production cycles. You can easily manage your farm according to a pre-determined plan and only need to intervene if the current situation deviates from the planning.

You are kept constantly up to date with the technical results and important index figures such as feed conversion and EPEF are continuously calculated for you. This information also provides an objective assessment of the actual welfare of the animals in the form of an automatic welfare monitor.

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