Welcome to our virtual showroom

Personal contact and visiting trade fairs are impossible everywhere at the moment. However, we still would like to update you on our automated systems that help keep your animals in top condition. The security of a sustainable and profitable production process is only possible with healthy animals that perform well.

Personal advice is highly appreciated, but for some advance information, we invite you to visit our virtual showroom. Take a look at our current flagship products.

Welcome to our virtual showroom

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Avoid weaning dip with the Rondomat feed dispenser for piglets.

Boost your piglets’ growth

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A special jet stream bundles the incoming air from the Fantura air inlet systems and prevents a cold air drop on your animals.

Which Fantura suits your house best?

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The Lumina controllers offer extensive functionality combined with ease of use.

See the clear operation screens here

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Lumina for Mushrooms

The Lumina 765 creates the best conditions for your mushrooms.

See how to improve the climate in your growing rooms

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Smart feeding

Intellitek and Farotek feed systems for your sows in top condition.

Yes, I want the best for my sows

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Pad cooling

Prevent heat stress with Greenline pad cooling.

See how easy it is to improve living conditions in your house

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A complete range of energy efficient I-fans for savings of up to 85%.

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