Energy efficient ventilation saves costs

Energy efficient ventilation saves costs

Ventilation is used to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air and remove the stale air in the house. The primary aim of ventilation is to create an optimal indoor climate and ensure good animal welfare. In practically all cases mechanical ventilation is used.

Mechanical ventilation accounts for up to approximately three-quarters of the total energy consumption on a modern pig or poultry farm. And, against the background of the current energy prices, that soon adds up. In many cases, you can ventilate the houses using less energy without compromising on air quality.

Download our white paper and with a few simple tips and measures, we'll show you how to reduce your energy costs for ventilation by up to 85%! You can make savings by changing how you use the fan and the climate computer, through minor modifications to your existing systems, and by investing in new fans, which will quickly recover the investment set off against the currently high energy prices.

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