When is iFarming an option for your farm?

iFarming, a revolutionary smart farming system developed by Fancom, is the most advanced livestock house system available on the market today. It has been designed for, and in collaboration with:

  • Pig producers
  • Layer farmers
  • Broiler producers
  • Mushroom growers

If you are part of this group of farmers and growers, iFarming can help you:

  • achieve better performances and higher returns
  • work more efficiently and faster with a lower labour input
  • consider upscaling as an option
  • gain insight into the processes in your house
  • steer production more easily
  • experience the advantages of effective data management
  • effectively reduce mortality rates of your livestock
  • answer the needs of retailers who increasingly want to offer consumers responsibly produced food
  • reduce waste of water, food and energy
  • save on medication costs
  • reduce manure and harmful gasses
  • buy and store less feed, or buy later (just in time buying)
  • always achieve consistent and predictable results
  • stabilise your income
  • experience animal-friendly operational management as profitable
  • rely on service from Fancom, even after installation
  • rely on the services of a single supplier in the event of malfunctions
  • comply with the environmental demands of interest groups
  • avoid missing the momentum and make you future proof
  • deliver a safer, healthier and socially acceptable product

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